Saturday, November 30, 2013

Textile shopping

Just a few too many choices spilling off the shelves. The salesman is very happy to spread them out on the floor and soon the pile grows into a mountain of delicious colour. The workmanship is exquisite on the older pieces.
A silk background for fine embroidery.
This Susani work has completely cover the original cream coloured base fabric. Everything you see here is stitch.
Of course you may find 1 or 2 bored husbands in the fabric also. L Michael R Bob.
Rhonda modelling a silk embroidered sari.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy snaps

Thanks to Rhonda for these photos, documenting my  happy, textile day! Trying my hand at block printing. Here is the thump to get the print!
I did have help from the master printer. The ta dah! moment with the lion print.
And later in the day we were in this Aladdin's cave of textile treasures. It was easy to lose your bag under the mountain of silk and cotton stitcheries!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dyeing area

Down by the river was an area for the washing, dyeing and drying of fabric. A huge bolt of fabric was being washed in hot water. The heat came from a wood fire under the tub.
In this humble, dusty area is the beginning of the production of textiles for the Indian block and screen printing industry. The sewing machine was sitting, waiting.
The tall drying racks with the bolt lengths evenly distributed along the bamboo poles.

Block printing

This was a camel encounter with a very friendly camel and his handler at Sanganer, where we were checking out the block printing and dyeing of fabrics. Many small family owned businesses are in this town, 20 minutes south from Jaipur.
The blocks are neatly stacked and numbered. So many to choose from! We were selecting from the natural dye prints.
Rhonda and I laid them out on the long table for a better viewing.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

In Jaipur, India

We are in the Alsisar Haveli, a nobleman's home converted to a lovely hotel. Stepping inside the grounds removes us from the noise and traffic congestion out on the street- it is a quiet sanctuary and we can enjoy the lines of Indian architecture.
A central courtyard.
This is an opulent sitting room with inlaid mirrors, painted walls and doors inlaid with bone or shell.
Our room has stained glass panels above the doors and windows which glow beautifully as the sun comes up. We hear the first call to prayer at 5.45am.
The very impressive dining room where dinner and breakfast are served. Several terraces also have dining tables.
Two dishes from the dinner selection L Palak Paneer [cheese and spinach] and Moussaka.


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Green haven

Just as we got off the bus for Haji Lane we found a Muslim Cemetery, a quiet haven under the trees.
A large Banyan tree at the back had grown over and around a wall.
In the tropical heat and humidity plant growth is rapid.
Rambutans from a giant Rambutan tree near the footpath.


Arab Street is a fabriholic's delight!
Silk; Thai silks, Indian Ikat silks and helpful sales staff- what more could you want?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Orchard road

This is the famous shopping street of Singapore [among a few others] but Rhonda and I were on an oil stick rubbing mission.
Our first stop had been the Robertson Bridge.
This very interested local man was happy to talk. This is a great pedestrian area also and comes alive at night with many bars and restaurants.
Down in Orchard Road we got to rub many of the fruit plaques under the shady canopy.

The good, the bling and the ugly

It all depends on perspective and I love Singapore for the colour and vibrant choices in clothing available. The sari shops are amazing, so full of beautiful, exotic wares, like the one above.
 In Tekka Market the choice is unbelievable and bling prevailed. She has the sign 'hot' pinned to the outfit.
And then there is the ugly [in my eyes] and lots of it. Mustafas is big'- 2 buildings full of everything you could possibly want, but I didn't want these tops.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

life in the sky

Singapore high rise as far as the eye can see from the 29th floor.
Pockets of green are visible and on the ground it is a pleasure to walk under the tree canopy and see the vibrant tropical flowers I love.
Cooling off time.