Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cheese and wine

At the Sunshine Mill in The Dalles, east of Hood River we indulged in a cheese board and tasted 5 local wines, white and reds. The eclectic atmosphere of the old converted mill added to the conviviality.
Industrial fittings remain in place or have been repurposed.


No Rowdyism Allowed!!

We are trying to be good, really!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A quilty day

Discovered the ETC Every Thread Counts patchwork shop on the corner of 6th and State Street Hood River. The wine tasting room next door is only open on weekends unfortunately for Bob, but they did have a very comfortable 'man' chair.
So Bob was happy while I browsed and picked out a few bargains in the reduced section. There is no added sales tax in Oregon so I thought I should make the most of that with 4 yards now in my suitcase.
Dottie was on her own today as Mum was looking after a sick goat.
At the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center a crazy quilt adorned one of the covered wagons. The early pioneers had a dangerous time crossing the rivers on these log rafts with their wagons.
The modern synthetic fabrics effectively age this crazy patch quilt.
And to finish off our day we found this flour sack contemporary quilt at the Sunshine Mill, a converted flour mill which now hosts wine tastings.



Viewpoints 9 challenge reveal

 The reveal from the first challenge of our third cycle is underway.
Chinese New Year
20"w x 48"L
In my neighbourhood Chinese New Year is a noisy, colourful affair with Lion dancing and feasting. 2015 is the Year of the Goat and as my Chinese animal year is also the goat I wanted to celebrate this in my quilt.

I enjoyed hand embroidering the details on the goats head and creating the look of an old wall in the background. In Chinese culture colours symbolise different things and red is the colour of good fortune, joy and happiness.
Materials; cotton, batting, thread, dye, fusible, embroidery floss, textile ink
Techniques; hand dyed, stencilled, hand painted, hand embroidered, machine pieced, machine appliqued, machine quilted

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mt Hood

Today was all about beautiful snow covered Mt Hood, which sparkled in the bright sunshine. It was an easy drive to Timberline Lodge the highest point one can drive to. The snow boarders and skiers and tourists were out as it was such a gorgeous day.
The mountain looms large with snow pole indicators  towering above our small Ford.

 Timberline Lodge e built in 1935/36 exudes charm. The timbers inside are massive. Impressive old mail boxes.

With anticipation

With anticipation and excitement a journey begins.........and so Bob and I begin our travels in North America. We are in Hood River near Portland Oregon. Snow covers the high peaks of Mt Hood and Mt Adams while at our lower altitude the trees sport green leaf and bushes bud with the increase in temperature.
I am planning to do a little textile work along the way and relaxed with hand stitching yesterday.
Lunch was a huge plate of smoked ribs, pear coleslaw and spicy beans- more than enough for the 2 of us!
Old red barns, fruit orchards on rolling hillsand lake views.

Friday, April 24, 2015

A teaser

As we are off travelling again for a couple of months, I'm leaving you with a teaser of the quilt I've just finished. It is bright and happy and celebrates a drink I'm very fond of. My next blog posts will be from North America and fingers crossed the technology will not defeat me! Ciao!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Billycart Kitchen

Finally got to have breakfast at Billykart Kitchen, Annerley Brisbane and try their dishes which are not the usual café fare. Chef Ben O'Donoghue has converted a corner store into a modern eatery. The coffee is very good.
My seed sprouted bread was topped with a spicy avocado and goats curd finished with fresh tomato salsa.
Bob chose the Mexican beans, chorizo, eggs and tortillas with avocado and said it was delicious. I also had a slice of fig and almond tart but was so engrossed in eating each delicious morsel that I forgot a photo!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The STATE of the ART QUILT 15 exhibition is up at Gallery 159, 159 Payne Road, The Gap Brisbane and I had the honour of opening it as well as the privilege of jurying the pieces. It is a colourful and lively exhibition with many thought provoking pieces. The fact that there is no theme only adds to the eclectic freshness.
I have missed the last 2 openings if this exhibition in this venue and enjoyed hearing the artists who were present talk about their work. Helen above.


Monday, April 20, 2015


I am not an experienced indigo dyer or stitcher, but am pleased enough with these pieces of cotton and can see possibilities.
Ali George runs indigo dyeing workshops and it was her vat these pieces were dipped in.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Beach weekend

It was lovely to get away for the weekend and relax with good friends. The wet weather didn't bother us one bit. I loved all the inviting little touches in the beach house.
And as it was Mexette focused, memorabilia was also on display.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

More pattern

Here are some photos of more patterning from the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Before the ticket box is a group of large African animals, seen in the zoo. The animals have been made very appealing by mosaics and interesting painted treatments.
The children love climbing over them.