Friday, August 31, 2012

Quilt National

I have left it until the last moment to begin working on 2 pieces for Quilt National 2013. Considering the deadline is September 14, I am feeling relaxed and accepting of what is possible and impossible for me. Don't think I have not been working hard artistically this year- the reverse is true and I had almost decided not to enter Quilt National, however on my return from Taiwan, I decided that indeed I could try to have an entry or 2!
This is the facing I'm hand stitching into place on quilt 1.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

On the streets of Tainan

In a small alleyway Pei and I were drawn to this rusty door and happily snapped away. Pei's art form is printmaking. Just a few doors further down we came across the blue door- so interesting with layers of history.
Pure colour and shape plus repetition heaven.

This column is covered in Haka fabric originating in Taiwan. Scooters are the main form of transport and traffic drives on the right side of the road unlike Australia.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good luck

Many students, who visited the Tainan temple of the scholars, left these symbols of their hopes and dreams.
Decorative elements abounded in this special place.
And I learnt that you always enter on the right, with the dragon who gobbles up your bad luck and leave via the left side and the tiger, who will keep bad luck away.
Sofia thanks for your observations on A Way Beyond.
The Sunnybank Quilt Show had the quilts hanging back to back. Those stands are common in Australia for quilt shows lasting a few days only.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Temple celebration

It was a special one day celebration at a small temple, that is now wedged between tall buildings in Tainan. Lots of bundles of fake money were being bought and burnt for good luck. The repetition of shape was a photographer's delight.
Bright glitzy pagoda style temples for sale caught our eye as we neared the temple.
This day is for those aged 16 year and they pass under this altar 3 times, boys going to the left and girls to the right.
Inside sat the Gods of learning, blackened by the incense smoke of generations.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Taking Leaf of my Senses

Today I'm going to the town of Warwick, about 2 hours driving time from Brisbane, to take down my solo exhibition Taking Leaf of my Senses, which had been extended by a week. It has been a pleasure to work with Gallery Director Karina Devine and her staff who do a wonderful job greeting visitors and hanging shows etc.
You may know my nickname is 'colour and shape', so I'll leave you with this beautiful shape photo from the Chinkan Tower,Tainan.
It is a doorway in one of the pavilions.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Way Beyond

A Way Beyond

When I visited Zion National Park in Utah, USA I was inspired by the towering mountains and cliffs of rock, reaching from the canyon floor into the sky. I took many photos of the intersections of the peaks and was intrigued by the meeting point, the line they created. These images were perfect to revisit for this challenge.
I see A Way Beyond as a metaphor for Life's journey which is not always smooth. We encounter junctions, dead ends and blockages along the way. If we can keep our focus on what lies beyond, we can overcome the difficulties and find a way through to our future.
Please visit the Viewpoints 9 blog for more information about my quilt.
Sofia, missing you too and the hospitality in Tainan. Our quilt show was for 1 day only, so we use the portable stands. We had many visitors and had a lovely day.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sunnybank Quilt show

Today we set up the Sunnybank Quilt Show at the Dominic Centre, St Martin's Primary School at 100 Mayfield Rd. Carina.
Our members have 87 colourful quilts on display and we'd love you to join us from 9am- 4pm. The show is for 1 day only, Saturday August 25.
The $5 entry fee will also get you a delicious plate of food and a cuppa.We have great craft items for sale and a Christmas stall. All money raised is going to help 3 organisations we are supporting.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Missing Taiwan

I am home safe and well but am very tired after the most amazing time in Taiwan. I am missing my new friends, the wonderful food and bubble tea. But luckily for me, I can get bubble tea at my local shopping centre from Easy Way, so had the Almond flavour this afternoon.
The last meal for me in Tainan was the special dish of Hot Pot- so delicious! You add your ingredients into your selected broth, which is hot and boiling and cooks the food. Some sauces, plum vinegar to drink and you are all set.
The meat is paper thin so cooks quickly. I also had crab claw and fish balls.
Pei got the Tricolour noodles which you squeeze into the brooth. They taste good.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Touching hearts with hugs

The Taiwanese have a beautiful saying "When we hug, we touch hearts" so this is the hug queue at Opal Fever.
Lots of TIQE12 exhibition catalogue signing and thoughtful gift giving. Thank you everyone for a most amazing experience in Taiwan. You have a very special place in my heart.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Opal Fever in Tainan

"OK, let's get this timing correct!"
What a fantastic classroom! Each one is equipped with a digital projector.
Students busy working on Opal Fever tasks.
Helping a student with the 'Organic Shuffle'. The red gloves help!
WOW! what great work from the talented students. Thank you for another wonderful experience and happy stitching.

Viewpoints 9

Four members of Viewpoints 9 are in Taiwan at TIQE 12, L-R Mary Pal, me, Hsin Chen Lin and Misik Kim. We have had time to talk about the challenges and to get to know each other better.

Amazing work

This is a detail of the amazing work of Yuan Shan Jin, a Korean living in China. The flowers are 3D made of silk organza, folded, hand stitched to a base, further stitched to finish each one individually and composed into an enormous, stunning piece of work which is joyous and full of life.
This view gives you an idea of the size of Yuan Shan's 4 quilts. She is dressed in white and is with one of the young volunteers who guide exhibition visitors. She is a master quilter and is also one of the tutors.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Today in Tainan I...

had to SMILE!!
And made incense cones 'by hand'! with Sofia Kuo.
Cones are anthills?
Kept my title as a 'rubbing queen',
and cooled off with fruit shaved ice and papaya milk.

Leaf it Alone Taiwan style

Yesterday I taught Leaf it Alone. I'm wearing the official  exhibition T-shirt and love the pink trim.
In the morning my students included 3 masters of quilting- L-R me, Lin Hsin-Chen, TIQE curator who introduced me to the students, Jin Yuan Shan, China, Mary Pal, Canada and Misik Kim, Korea. It was an honour to have them in the workshop.
This is how much fun we are having every day!
Mary, Sherry, Sofia, my wonderful interpreter and I had collected many leaves and grass for the students.
At the end of the day my wonderful students with their beautiful printed pieces.
I always finish my workshops in a particular way, ssshh, a little secret!