Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Santiago, Chile

We have arrived in Santiago Chile by time travel, in only a short 5 hours, thanks to international time zones! As it was my birthday I had extra time to celebrate and a lovely dinner to end the day plus the hotel staff provided a bottle of bubbles, a slice of cake with a candle and sang happy birthday in Spanish! Here the candle allows 3 wishes, before you blow it out!
Santiago is a very green, pleasant city and is easy walking in the old central district. The towering, snow capped Andes dominate the eastern skyline and we can't help but stare, wide-eyed at them.
 My preparation for the trip included these small 6" squares of fabric and a couple of oil pastels as I am thinking of something in book form for these rubbed pieces on my return.
Our half day city tour was a good orientation to the city, plus I rubbed 2 squares in Plaza de Armas this morning when there.

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