Monday, January 2, 2017

Flamingos and other things

It has been a busy time, with a couple of tours now completed and our appreciation of this majestic landscape fully realised. Getting out of town is easy with so many tour companies touting for business & many options available. But don't get on the wrong bus!
We did, due to the language barrier & our limited Spanish. We did wonder if we were going to the Valley of the Moon for sunset, when the guide began talking about swimming! However all was not lost, as this was a tour we had planned to do later anyway.
The Cejar lagoon is home to flamingos, as are most of the salty lagoons in the Salar de Atacama & the high plateau. Although only a few were present for our first sighting, one took off &  flew overhead. We were to learn there are 3 varieties in this area & this one was the Chilean variety , not Andean or James. It's all about the colours of the wing tips, which form the tail of the bird.
Our full day tour was the best! Lakes, small towns, high plateau, herds of  vicunos, flamingos & other water birds, smoking volcano and dormant volcanoes, yellow flowering bushes, wild quinoa, cactus wood, a llama, simple churches and lunch at 4.30pm! A wild, dry, salty, beautiful land.
We were so tired we didn't make it to see in the new year, but the party in the hotel courtyard & fireworks woke me briefly to announce it was here.
Wishing you all the very best for 2017! May your hearts, hands and fabric produce beautiful creations for yourself or the ones you love!

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