Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Moving on

We have completed 4 tours & enjoyed them all. The high altitudes have been our favourites a& today we went to Tatio Geysers for sunrise. This required a 3am wake up for the tour bus to collect us around 4am. We slept as we drove through the dark & awoke to a landscape of steaming fumaroles at 4,300m.
It is hard to get one's breath at this altitude but our guide gave us handy tips & all was good with us. There were so many tour buses & cars at the spot for sunrise, a time when the steam is most spectacular in the cold. Needed to rug up before dawn!
Moon Valley is the opposite- a place to visit before so set & then watch sunset from Coyote Rock. The extremely windy conditions has sand grains blasting any exposed flesh.
A plane flight to Santiago awaits us early tomorrow morning & from there we drive to wine country! Santa Cruz here we come!

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