Monday, July 4, 2011

Chinggis vodka

In the West we know him as Ghangis Khan, but Mongolians call him Chinggis Khan, the man whose empire stretched across Asia & Europe, many centuries ago. While the supermarket had a staggering variety of vodka to choose from, I wasn't offered or drank any while in Mongolia. Bob has seen it being used in ceremonies & has also drunk it.
And something a little more familiar! Francie, I'm not sure what the temperament of these camels is, but they are shorn for their camel wool, which is used for blankets & clothing. Ginny, more Mongolian photos to come for a week or two yet.


  1. Thanks..If you see anything felted would love to see some pix of those..but am not fussy..will be happy to see Mongolian photos of any kind now that I am attending to blogs-my own and other peoples!! Love the heinz ketchup in Russian!

  2. Sue,
    I had a drink of chinggis vodka when in Mongolia 4 years ago and have been trying since to find a supplier in Australia without success. do you know where it is available.

    Please HELP
    Email address