Thursday, June 2, 2016

Japanese covered bridge

This is a big attraction in Hoi An and usually packed with tourists, except very early in the morning! It links two parts of the old town. Behind these doors is a shrine and it was open and being used later in the day.

And this is the whole bridge.
This graduation photo is being taken next to the bridge, which is a popular posing spot for photos. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Meanwhile, back at our heritage hotel, an old wooden house repurposed and used in the film, The Quiet American starring Michael Caine [they used the room opposite ours], breakfast is being served. Antique furniture, paintings on silk and faded patina on the walls tell a tale of their own. Our table is at the open window, so we watch the world passing by as we eat.
The shop keeper opposite puts his birds out each morning in the sunshine on our side, then hangs them outside his shop, where they sing beautifully all day. Every now and then he carefully feeds them an insect or worm, using tweezers to put it in their feeding bowl.
A group of Monks passed by and then back again. They had digital cameras and took some photos of the hotel.
History in paint layers.
This happy fellow sitting on the table in the internal courtyard.