Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Grotta Azzurra

Arriving at the Blue Grotto it is amazing to see the very small entrance point which the boats will go through. We disembarked from our large boat into the row boat and off we went.
Bob was in the bow and I sat in the stern with an Italian woman doctor from Milan, who was visiting Capri for a medical conference and had escaped for the morning. The grotto had been closed the previous day due to high tides.
 The entry is timed and a chain is used to haul the boat in. We had to lie down to avoid smashing our heads. The colour is amazing! Perhaps the word for all these holiday experiences!

Another perspective

Travelling around the Isle of Capri by boat is wonderful and gives another perspective. The water is incredibly blue and clear. The waters were relatively free of motor boats as it is before the peak summer period.
Our large boat squeezed into some small spots. Here we emerge from under the 'Arch of love'.
The Green Grotto- sorry the colour is more blue than the green it was.
All seems better when the sun is shining.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beautiful Capri

Visited the Isle of Capri on a day trip from Sorrento and was entranced by the beautiful scenery, from the land and the sea.
Being spring time there are many plants bursting into flower and their colours make a nice contrast to the white limestone cliffs.
The Natural Arch was a good walk down a well signposted path, with many steps.
Capri has been home to many famous people an d is still the playground and favoured destination of the rich and famous. General Eisenhower and Winston Churchill stayed here. Today the hotel prices are said to be 1,000 euro per night and that doesn't include breakfast.
No Chyfey I didn't get any rubbing at Pompeii as I don't usually do this at World Heritage sites. The only drain cover I saw was not inspiring- photo below and certainly not from AD 79!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pompeii #2

A few more photos from this huge town, of things that caught my eye.
Grinding stones and an oven nearby.

A few modern conveniences.


Pompeii  AD 79 is a must visit, a true archaeological find and such a big city it took us all day to get around to many of the main areas.
It was a clear day and Vesuvius dominated the skyline.
We loved the bright colours still evident on the wall murals and the attention to detail on the subjects.
Truly amazing find and shared with hundreds of visitors everyday. The school groups were everywhere.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hotel Rivoli

The Hotel Rivoli in Sorrento, has a circular glass staircase that takes a bit of getting used to, as the steps are clear glass. Not so bad on the way up, but don't look down on the way down!
A nice little mezzanine for computer work, plus a friendly cat that wanders around.
And we have moved right into Italian washing mode with our travelling washing line on our little balcony.

Marina Grande

Marina Grande, a fabulous spot for coffee or lunch. The water is crystal clear and the restaurants are interspersed with the fisherman's boats. A winding staircase brings you down to sea level.
And the view from the other side.