Thursday, April 24, 2014

Matera texture

The geology expert tells me this is 'subaqueous  poorly welded tuff' with marine fossils in it. I loved the weathered texture and further down the street, the antique quality of this gate.


An intriguing town of Sassi buildings in a ravine, dating back centuries- wow!
A view into the rough living conditions of the cave rooms with bits and pieces from past lives, set up for the tourists, but how else to get an idea of the life? It is very damp inside so green mould grows well.
Wash boards.
Near the cathedral we got great views into this garden and across the homes, many doing a roaring trade as B & B's or hotels.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Printing in progress

A few smaller sample pieces laid out on the floor to dry and I was ready to tackle the long strips.
It was good to use local plants to give me a memory cloth.

I had collected some poppies to study and although the petals are delicate they also printed well.

Happy with these 2 panels, which will get stitched when I get home.
I'm also continuing to rub textures. These chairs were good and the floor tiles.


Making-do printing

Using the small space of the trulli, out of the wind, rain and cold, I was able to get some printing done. My fabric purchased in Rome was washed to remove the sizing in the bathroom sink.
Dried on the radiator while it was on in the morning.
I am travelling with some supplies and selected a very limited colour palette based on the colours of the Italian flag, green and scarlet, which are perfect for this spring time countryside.
Set up on the small kitchen table with a towel covered by more Rome fabric, for a printing pad.
Ready, set, print!
Using every available surface.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I have been investigating Italian lace or merletto after finding these 2 lovely vintage pieces in the flea market in Sorrento. The one on the left is from Burano and we will visit the island when we stay in Venice. The piece of the right is more than 60 years old, at least, according to the stall owner but she wasn't sure of it's origin. It is a long piece and the design you see is repeated down the length. Both are cotton.
In Locorotondo we found a lace shop, thanks to the blog of Canadian Jeanine who alerted me to
 Il Tempo Ritrovato. The shop is packed full of wonderful examples of Margherita stitch crochet, specific to Locorotondo.
 This is filet worked on a base fabric of square net and was next door in the small, packed, one room museum Signora Spalluto keeps next to the shop. It was a special experience to be surrounded by fine quality work in such a variety of techniques.
I think I am missing my sewing machine!
Beautiful clothing accessories for sale too.


Last night it thundered, rained and obviously snowed. Perhaps we are in for a warmer change now.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Olive trees

This grove of very old olive trees pulled us in and we stopped for some photos.
Their trunks are twisted and gnarled and it is a wonder they still produce fruit. Younger trees are interspersed between.
Even brooms are stored in their massive trunks.