Sunday, January 8, 2017

Terra Vina hotel

This beautiful 19 room hotel in situated in the grounds of a vineyard. From our fist floor balcony reached through the French doors we have a great view across the tops of the green vines to distant hills and the snow capped Andes. It is a quiet haven with bird song all day. This is the Colchagua Valley, a fertile place with fruit and vegetable orchards and this well-known wine route.
We enjoyed a very informative tour of Vina Montes. Our guide was so knowledgeable that we both learnt so much more about wine. The barrel room, with Gregorian chants playing all the time, to help the wine mature, with the vibration from the music, blew us away!
Being in this area of Chile, some 200 kilometres south of Santiago is also giving us a glimpse into rural Chilean life. Men in beautiful straw Sombrero hats are a common sight. Fruit stall vendors sell the biggest onions I have seen, some look like melon sized. The pollution of the city doesn't reach here.
We have a hire car to drive, although when we turned up at the counter to collect it, it turned out our voucher was for Santiago in the Domenican Republic! Luckily a car was available, plus a further injection of cash and we had wheels! Our slow travel is very relaxing and we will be here for a few more days.

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