Monday, October 31, 2011

Bryce stone garden

At the bottom of the Bryce Canyon amphitheatre it was curious, amusing and touching to see the human response to the oddity of the hoodoo landscape, in this stone garden.

Bryce Canyon National Park

For someone with the nickname 'colour & shape', this place really appealed to me! The colours are magical & the hoodoos amazing. At 8000+ feet elevation, it was hard going walking back up from the bottom of the trail.
Jan the fossils were not in a National Park, but by the roadside. We would never take anything from a National Park, except photos & memories. The parks here are so well set up for visitors & have a fantastic Junior Ranger Program for kids.
Dale, glad you enjoyed the Opal Fever PIQF workshop.
Ali, yes there has to be the more adventurous among us!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kodachrome Basin

The State Parks we have gone into, are well set up with camping facilities, hiking trails & clean toilets. Kodachroma Basin offered a few trails & we chose the Angel's Palace which took us up onto a dry, dusty area with views of rocks shaped by Nature, resembling castle turrets.
I'm not as adventurous as Bob when photographing!

Cottonwood Road

We decided to take a dirt road shortcut, named Cottonwood Road from the Lake Powell area to Bryce Canyon. It would take us past Grosvenor Arch & the Kodachrome Basin State Park. An added unexpected bonus was stopping to look at rocks & finding fossil mussels in a seam above a coal bed.
Southern Utah is a living geology lesson.
Grosvenor Arch & below rock lichen.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


We have seen Halloween preparations everywhere. Here is a selection of photos I've collected so far.
Eyeballs for Trick or Treat.
Pumpkin competition at the Fall Festival in Page where we also enjoyed the Strawberry Lemonade.
Yes Francie, the rock textures would certainly have been good to place some fabric over! Pity I didn't have any idea they would be there.

World Quilt Show Florida

I'm happy to be going on to Florida, West Palm Beach after Houston Festival, to teach 3 workshops at the World Quilt Show Florida Nov 10-12. Hope you can join me for Opal Fever, Oil Stick Intensive or Monoprinting Magic. I have added some more information about the show, for readers who may be able to attend.
November 10 - 12, 2011
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm
Admission: $12 (Includes Re-admission) • Children under 16 Free!
Even more exciting things have been added to this year’s program:

Special Luncheon/Lecture: On Saturday, November 12, at 12:30pm Dierdra McElroy will share her experiences growing up in Tahiti. The island paradise has it’s own traditional form of quilt making which is intertwined with every aspect of its culture and history. The audience will be transfixed with historical details, cultural norms, and exotic photographs of nature as they are laid side by side with the Tifaifai (tee-fay-fay) design that honors its existence. Dierdra’s presentation includes lunch - Penne alla Bolognese, Salad, fresh baked garlic breadsticks, iced tea or coffee, and chef’s selection of dessert. Tickets for the luncheon / lecture are available for $28; seating is limited.

The Marchants Mall at a Mancuso Show Management quilt festival is always eagerly anticipated by quilters, textile artists, and sewers who can’t wait to stop ‘til they drop! this year, Creative Curves and its owner, Virginia Walton are celebrating their return to vending and teaching in Florida by offering the students in Virginia’s workshop - "No More Showers, Just Spring Flowers" - a 25% discount on workshop fabric kits and the Creative Curves Ellipse Ruler set needed for class.


•MORE Workshops & Lectures with Internationl Faculty.

MORE Quilts! Over 400 quilts from 10 countries!

•NEW Expanded Southeastern States Quilt Competition including the prestigious "Best of Florida" quilt award!

•GREAT Shopping at the Fabulous Merchants Mall

•NEW All-Inclusive Hotel/Show Package Available!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Glen Canyon Dam

This is the fantastic Navajo Bridge, built in 1957. It links Wahweap Marina & the town of Page & many more communities separated by this canyon. Once the bridge was completed, work began on the Glen Canyon Dam. We went on a guided tour.
The turbine room where the hydroelectricity is generated.
This fella was a resident of the area, but has since moved out.

Horseshoe Bend

It is as much fun observing & photographing the tourists at Horseshoe Bend, as peering over the edge, way down into the Colorado River.
It's a very long......way to the bottom, so I wasn't keen on getting too close to the edge. The rocky sides at this spot had great texture & me without the oil sticks!
I have to clear up a misunderstanding- the pie was $4.95 & the ice cream 75cents a scoop! Still a delicious bargain.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Antelope Canyon

Well, I can tell you that Antelope Canyon is as amazing as the photos you may have seen of it & is a definite must-see!
We waited in the parking lot before getting onto the back of one of these vehicles, the only way to get to the canyon, with our Navajo driver/guide Betty Marie. Across the road is the power station.
Betty Marie leading the way into the canyon.

The bear appears, depending on where you stand.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lake Powell- Rainbow Bridge

We went out on the waters of the Glen Canyon dam for a cruise of Lake Powell & the Forbidding Canyon to see Rainbow Bridge. There are many house boats cruising around the lake shores.
So many amazing geologic lessons, taking place right before our eyes. Pity we won't be seeing it in a few million years time! Many dinosaurs roamed this area of North America & the bones of new species are being constantly uncovered.

This is the first glimpse you get of the bridge from the boat.