Thursday, May 3, 2012

My studio- SAQA Oceania studio blog hop

Welcome to my studio which was not purpose built for me, but rather I have re-purposed rooms in our family home. I'm happy thinking, designing, creating, surface designing, stitching and doing office work in these studio spaces.
My design studio, once the dining area & still used for special occasions, has my large Horn cutting table, generally covered with current projects and items waiting for filing or storage. The table is on wheels so is easlily moved around if I need more floor space.
I had 3 cutting mats of various sizes so taped them together to create 1 large cutting mat. The floor to ceiling cupboard in the background, was purpose built during renovations a few years ago and stores my finished quilts, batting, fusibles, files, beads and other supplies I need in this downstairs area. All my rulers are held in a grooved wooden holder and it sits on my cutting table.
This 'Big Emu' pen is highly visible and easy to find when fabric covers the table. I jot down ideas and modifications in my visual diaries which also live on this table.
Looking across to the right from the cutting table, you will notice the quilt on the tiled floor. The tiles are great for straightening long edges, as the grout line allows the scissors to glide along. The dining table accommodates the embellisher and other projects in various stages. I have lifted the table with a wedge under each leg. I wheel the office gas lift chair in when I embellish.
My outside studio in under the back patio. Yes, I'm also sharing the area with the puppy now! This old mapping table is the correct height for my surface design- printing, mono printing, rubbing, dyeing and also spray basting my quilts.
I store my dyeing supplies, paints etc in a garage cupboard. This is a small area and works well for me, but is open to the weather!
The clamps on the edge of the table are great to hold fabric in position.

Welcome to the upstairs sewing studio, originally a small bedroom. This window gives me a lovely view into the upper branches of the poinciana tree on our footpath. My largest design wall is on the left as you enter. The built-in cupboards store my fabrics, yarns etc.
To the right is the sewing table. My Bernina is not set into the table, but a large perspex extension table [available for Berninas and other brands] gives me a comfortable work area for quilting. A multi-spool holder on the back of the machine is essential! Threads are in the boxes on the bookcase and stand. My second, smaller design wall is on the right. From my chair at the machine I can easily see both walls. My daylight lamp is perfect for good, extra light at night and on gloomy days.
Behind my sewing table is a bookcase of inspiration and history plus the boxes which each house a different workshop that I teach. The small black table top pushed up against the sewing table, helps hold larger quilts when I'm quilting. It was originally a computer table. My gas lift chair raises me up to the correct height for stitching and the machine foot pedal is raised on a fruit box.
Thank you for visiting and please visit the other studios on show this month.

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  1. Wow Sue - what a wonderful space. I like how you made the space work to your requirements and can't wait to see the huge variety of studios / spaces / nooks and crannies we all use. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for letting us take a peek, Sue. I love seeing where other people sew.


  3. Hi Sue, You have some great spaces to work in. This is so much fun, to see others work areas. When we see the masterpieces evolving from these places of work, we will be able to visulise where they originated.

  4. So Bob gets one room & gets to share the bedroom!!! Do understand the need to spread - admire the artists who can work in really small spaces. Thanks for sharing, Sue

  5. This is so great, seeing where you create your wonderful works of art! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Fantastic, thanks for sharing. I like the way you use the every room and space in a different way.

    Heather aka Kanerva