Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Leaf of the Party

The party is about to begin in Warwick with 10 days of celebration, jazz, textiles, food and all good things beginning July 18. First I need to dress my tree!
The long straps will be tied to the upper branches to hold the dress up. They are made from a sparkly organza. A bit hard to see, but the extra bits I stitched are also part of the frilly bits on the front and back.
This might look like a jelly fish, but it is one of four gloves for my branches. More photos of the dressed tree to come. The 10 anniversary trees are on display in the Town  Hall Foyer- hope you can drop in.
Thanks for all the positive comments yesterday about my creative process for Seasonal Change my SAQA auction quilt.


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  1. Your tree is up for some serious partying in that gorgeous dress!!!