Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Toohey Forest park

A weekend walk in Toohey Forest park near Griffith University is great exercise and a release from the everyday of suburbia.
It's easy to enjoy the surrounding bush, listen to the bird song, distant traffic noise and observe nature. The hill has sandstone outcrops and some are lichen covered, adding to the texture and patterning.
Yellow wattle and purple Boronia?



  1. Yes its a lovely walk through there. We can access it via our neighbour's place. I guess you didn't see any koalas? We see them from time to time in the big trees from our pace.

  2. Pretty sure its a Hovea - if it was a shrub - H. acutifolia

  3. but, looking again, if it was a vine then, as mentioned above - Hardenbergia