Tuesday, November 18, 2014

South African National Quilt Festival

If you are joining the Down Under Quilts and Active Travel South Africa Crafts and Quilt tour you have the opportunity to join in with workshops and lectures that are scheduled for the quilt festival.
 The program has been been released for the Quilt Fair and opened for bookings on 15 November: http://festival.quiltsouthafrica.co.za/classes.php   It is a large booklet with many pages so please be patient as it downloads. International and local tutors are offering a variety of classes with something for all quilting tastes.

And you can join the tour from any part of the world as the quoted prices are for the land content. You add the airfare from your country of origin or tag the tour onto another holiday booking.

As we've had a lot of interest about the tour but no confirmed bookings yet, we won’t ask anyone to book their classes until the tour is confirmed with minimum numbers. Detail above is from one of the quilts from my African phase, with more to come I think!

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