Monday, August 10, 2015

Return to Bali

Volcanic ash was not a problem for our trip to Bali, perhaps because we were flying from Singapore. This greeted us in the arrivals duty free area, so we paused briefly for a photo. We had not been to Bali since 2000 so were curious to see the changes.
Our friends Kathryn and Ian generously shared their beautiful house with us and as it was a reunion, Anne and Jeff made up the party of 6. This is the pavilion we stayed in, with a garden view from the downstairs bedroom. The gardens are lush and colourful with many Balinese touches.
Wanted to rub this, of course!
From the pool looking across to the upstairs lounging area and downstairs gym room which we later used for rubbing and printing our batik abrics.
As you can see it was a week of real hardship!

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