Thursday, April 25, 2013

Quilt Show #2

Lots of great exhibitions and exhibitors at the quilt show. Here a French quilter admires the work of Hsin Chen Lin from Taiwan. Our work was hung side by side.
I met Gilliam Travis from the UK and loved her work from her travels. She had also been to India and we had lots to talk about.
Australian Dijanne Cevaal had wonderful new work with French themes.
Hungary was well represented by the Modern Movement group who worked to a theme of metamorphosis. Lots of textural work.
This is by Zsofia Atkins and gave new life to old doileys.



  1. Lots of diversity in quilts.

  2. Hello, Sue.
    How’s your trip?
    I just post the photo you took from the show of my quilt on my website.
    Is it okay? (I will take it off if you mind.) Thanks!