Friday, February 20, 2015

Wet weather printing

Yesterday, as Cyclone Marcia was approaching the Queensland coast, I decided I needed to print a piece of fabric I'd dyed last Saturday. As I was setting up my equipment  I discovered our back patio roof has a few more leaks and annoyingly over my print tables!
A few more buckets out to catch the drips and on with the job at hand.
The result I wanted to achieve on the dyed piece didn't happen. I think I got a bit nervous about it and forgot to play, so I ripped off another strip of plain white fabric and played. Voila! great result and better than I imagined.
Hard to tell the difference between my print table cover and the printed fabric! I'm sorry but I can't show the full result as I need it for a juried exhibition entry.
I hope Cyclone Marcia is kind to all my friends and that you, your family and pets are safe and dry.

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