Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gold fever

Interesting to step back in time and see the gold mining operations from last century and try our hand at gold panning. We won't get rich quick as between us we found $9 worth! What a fun morning tour  out of Fairbanks to the Fox area.
This was the one we were aiming for!
The Gold Dredge 8, an historic relic from a former gold operation- the front end.
The back end on the left can be seen in this photo.
The oil pipeline from Prudoe Bay to Valdez also passed the area and this section was set up to show visitors some of the engineering that goes into the pipeline.
The pipeline sits up on stilts away from the permafrost ground and is immune to earthquakes with the type of support built to hold it in position. We were all reminded of the James Bond movie and his adventurous journey through an oil pipeline!


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