Friday, August 2, 2013

More decisions

Using the photos I take on the i-pad, it is then an easy process of going back through them to see which of the arrangements of the added leaf elements looks best to me.
I was finding the large leaves, based on the shape of the Elephant Ear plant were too distracting. Once I'd decide that there were out of the picture I felt happier.
 But did I need a structure around my feature element to highlight it? I played around with paper cut-outs at first to get an idea of how it might look.
Using some painted wadding that had been created from the left over paint after printing, was beginning to coalesce the design.
I won't show you the final outcome of this as I need to save some 'surprise' factor for the Viewpoints 9 reveal on August 26.


  1. Thanks for sharing this process. It is so helpful. I am looking forward to the reveal....

    1. Thanks Linda, glad you are enjoying the posts.