Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Of course there are other things you can do at the Volcanoes National Park, like rubbing one of the plaques at the visitor centre. Red was the colour of the day!
Then there are the fascinating lava tubes to walk through. This one is well lit and damp.
The walk to get to the entry is through beautiful, very tall fern trees.
Just as well there were lights inside as we did not have headlamps with us.
The fern trees are fascinating with their numerous shades of green and curling, unfurling fronds.
Phyllis and I spent longer here than in the tube with the afternoon light giving us the "Golden hour".


  1. Sue can I ask a dumb question ,I love the idea of doing rubbings but when doing them do you need to set them and if so would it be that night or when able?
    Ps;we have some amazing tree fern groves in oz also.
    really love reading these travel posts

    1. Yes the oil paint sticks are heat set with absorbent paper when ever an iron is available. You can travel with them wrapped up in the paper layer for as long as needed.