Friday, October 3, 2014

Rod pocket

For my rod pockets I stitch a 10"wide piece of fabric into a tube. The length of the piece is cut 1"less than the width. The seam allowances take up another inch so there is a clear space for the gallery hanger to sit behind the quilt. These days I stitch the rod pocket on, gallery ready. There is  little extra, usually a quarter of an inch in the top section to accept the hanging rod allowing the piece to hang straight in the front.
The back of the tube with the seam allowance pressed open.
The top of the tube is pinned one and a half inches down from the top edge, once again to accommodate the gallery hangers.
Pinned into position and when stitched the extra allowance sits to the upper edge.
I am going on a mini break and will be back later next week with photos from the Queensland Quilt Show.

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  1. Hint, Sue: I see that your quilts are faced. Which means you can sew the sleeves on BY MACHINE before stitching the facing on.