Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Viewpoints 9 quilt

After the unhappy first attempt for the Environment and Ecology challenge set by Hsin-Chen Lin for the current Viewpoints 9 challenge I refined my design and focused on getting a strong, clear message. Luckily I still had enough of the blue dyed background. Not wide enough but I really like the solution I came up with to compensate. This photo shows my first step- checking spacing for my word.
I used a black, fine tip permanent marker to get the stencilled letters into position before hand painting. The white guide line is made with a sliver of soap- very easy to remove.
Unfortunately I can't show a full view of my quilt just yet, as reveal is October 27 USA time [Oct 28 here]. I printed and rubbed various seeds/seed pods and used the fabric paint to add the same colour to left over strips. These made a great addition to the narrow vertical side giving me the extra centimetres I needed.
I had also experimented with sun printing and this fabric was my backing piece.


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