Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A quilty day

Discovered the ETC Every Thread Counts patchwork shop on the corner of 6th and State Street Hood River. The wine tasting room next door is only open on weekends unfortunately for Bob, but they did have a very comfortable 'man' chair.
So Bob was happy while I browsed and picked out a few bargains in the reduced section. There is no added sales tax in Oregon so I thought I should make the most of that with 4 yards now in my suitcase.
Dottie was on her own today as Mum was looking after a sick goat.
At the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center a crazy quilt adorned one of the covered wagons. The early pioneers had a dangerous time crossing the rivers on these log rafts with their wagons.
The modern synthetic fabrics effectively age this crazy patch quilt.
And to finish off our day we found this flour sack contemporary quilt at the Sunshine Mill, a converted flour mill which now hosts wine tastings.



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