Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Our tour, Cappadocia

We booked into a day tour of the area and had a wonderful introduction to the fascinating history of the region. Cappadocia means 'land of beautiful horses' we discovered. Much of early Christianity is linked to the area and the Goreme Open Air Museum, originally a monastery until the 1920's has super frescos in the original caves and churches carved in the stone.
Photos are not allowed inside. Pigeon eggshells are used as a base for the paintings so the small carved niches are pigeon roosting areas.
This tree is hung with many blue glass ornaments, to guard against the 'evil eye' and was a drawcard for tourist photos.
 What an amazing area of natural formations! Everywhere you look you can see these structures in varied shapes and sizes.


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  1. I was also here ... it is really very interesting!