Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Table runner class- Mongolia

The table runner is made of silk scraps. The Mongolian Quilt Centre is very good at recycling the off-cuts into beautiful new pieces of work, with crazy patchwork a favourite technique. Nothing goes to waste here! The silk is easier to handle with an iron-on interfacing. Carefully cut using centimetres for measurement, the square are then marked with the seam allowance.
Sewing is mostly done on these hand turned machines with the thread spool lying under the hand wheel.
Two different colour schemes from the two teams of stitchers working.
In progress photos of the team effort.
Unpicking and realignment to get the accuracy needed. We pressed the seams open as the fabric plus interfacing is quite thick.
 Erka, one of the local tutors holds the first completed runner, yet to be backed and bound.


  1. Looking good. Clever way to house the thread spool. Hope the ladies managed to use some of the items we sent them.

  2. Hi Jan, this was before I delivered the items, but the next class will be using them! They loved the big board & metric rulers! As I walk quite a distance I had to make 2 deliveries.