Saturday, May 14, 2016

Flower Hmong

We went to Bac Ha market day to see the Flower Hmong who are noted for their colourful dress and we were not disappointed. The collar and attached yoke above are heavily embroidered with very narrow coloured strips, lace and braid and a beaded fringe finishes it off. This is waiting for a blouse to be attached to.
This did not have the beads and has a different collar style.
The handicraft section of the market had so many items that it was overwhelming. Many things seemed to be made in Thailand from what I could judge, but perhaps I will see these items later in Vietnam, as locally made.
Bags in the flower Hmong style.
And later at a Flower Hmong village these colourful skirts were hung out to dry.


  1. Such beautiful and colourful textiles. The designs and colours in those skirts are gorgeous!

  2. Are these flower Hmong near SaPa? Very different from the Black Hmong and the Dao