Saturday, May 7, 2016

Quilts from TIQE 16

There were so many wonderful quilts to admire at TIQE16 and all needed to be seen more than once as sensory overload kicks in! The red and white themed banners at the entrance held one's attention.
This colourful wall of small quilts was on the wall facing the elevators and were just so joyful! Hand appliqued.
 Visiting Japanese tutor Yasuko Saito's quilt Movement #61 was stunning and used many small pieces of Japanese textiles in various textures and fibres.
 President of Taiwan Art Quilt Society, Lin Mei-Hui with her quilt Light and Shadow.
Cara Freenstra Gulati and the Director of the arts centre stand beside her large colourful quilt [sorry forgot the title].
 Nature/ A Tree's Talk by Huang Pei-Ying caught my eye and the repetition carried the theme.
Undersea Fashion Party by Katsumi Ishinami was another favourite.
 As was Favouring Multi-Medium by Gau Shiow-Meei which used small couched twigs in the blocks, held together to form the whole with red thread and beads.
 And Betty Busby's wonderful Abyss used led lights to light up her deep sea creatures, plus there was so much added texture with paint dots and googly eyes.


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