Sunday, December 6, 2015

Istanbul- The Blue Mosque

I took a full day tour to some of Istanbul's sights while Bob worked. The Blue Mosque was our first stop, after a bus swap and getting all Tour 3 people together. As we wound our way through the narrow streets of the old town, glimpses of what was to come came into view.
The wet weather added atmosphere and gravity to the history of this mosque, now open to the public, except on Friday prayer days.
We took our shoes off, put them in the plastic provided and carried them with us.
Ornamentation on the doors captured quickly as we were swept in on a sea of visitors.
We were also given head coverings if we didn't have them. This was my first visit to a mosque and it was beautiful inside with many hanging lights above a red floral carpet, which has replaced individual pray mats.
My purple socks and I stand in the correct position for prayer.
Many blue tiles decorate the walls, alcoves, supports and domed ceilings.
We didn't enter the main prayer area.
This area outside is for washing before prayer. This mosque is unique in having 6 minarets instead of the usual 4- apparently a mix up when the sultan was asking for gold minarets with the words for 'gold' and 'six' being very similar.