Friday, December 11, 2015

Turkey- food

There is such a big variety of food in Turkey and from what we tried, we can say it is all delicious! It is easy to drink Turkish tea, served without milk, in such lovely glasses.
Various nut varieties are strung before dipping multiple times in fruit syrups, then cut into small pieces. Locum or Turkish Delight is one of my favourites plus halva.
Sweets on the breakfast buffet are not good for my waistline!
I have no will power to resist.
Seafood and fish are bountiful. This is some of the fresh selection at Sur Balik restaurant on the waterfront.
This ugly, thorny fish is turbot.
All goes well with Raki, mixed with water, making it cloudy.
And for a popular favourite on the edge of the Bosphorus eat fish bread with the locals. Men on small rocking boats cook the small fish, slap it in a fresh bread roll with shredded lettuce and sliced raw onion and pass it over to the shore, to be eaten while sitting on low stools.
The cooking/preparation boat.
Selling drinks in the small vendor area we chose to eat at. There were quite a few stalls, one after the other with the same food and prices and all packed out.
Easy to tell who was selling the drinks as they all had these embroidered polar fleece jackets. A great experience after a Bosphorus cruise!



  1. What are the drinks? Is alcohol an option?

    1. Alcohol is freely available. Raki is very high alcohol content spirit. Turkey had great harmony between Muslim and Christian religions from what we saw.