Thursday, December 10, 2015

Istanbul- Topkapi Palace complex

There are so many parts to Topkapi Palace complex once you enter via the grand gate, above. Marble, jewels, religious relics, the armoury, the kitchens, gardens, courtyards, the Sultan's bedroom, views of the Bosphorus  plus special displays make this an attraction you could spend all day visiting.
Photos were not allowed in special areas and on a wet afternoon I just enjoyed being in the palace grounds and wandering into displays of past splendour.
The Divan, the Imperial Council Hall where viziers of the Sultan gathered for meetings. These are also seen in Indian palaces as the Islamic influence spread to the sub-continent. Much of the architectural details I saw here reminded of many things I had seen on our Indian trips.
The kitchen chimneys.
Dressing up in costume for a photo- next time! My tour was over and the Istanbul traffic was very bad, as usual, as the mini-bus delivered me back to the hotel.



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