Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Magical carpets

No day tour in Turkey is complete without the visit to the carpet shop. This silk carpet is tied with a double knot and the carpet maker, although an apprentice is very quick, slowing down a little for this demonstration. The intricate design is printed in colour and sits at eye height.
Colourful silks hang from the back of the frame.
She sits a low stool and after each 30 minutes of tying has a break. The pile is trimmed with special scissors.
Colours, designs and cotton, wool and silk combinations make it a visual feast as one after another they are rolled open before us in the showroom.
An old carpet stitched to a linen support and displayed on the wall.
I resisted the urge to bring another one home!


  1. Wow, so impressive and so very inspiring!

    1. They are very beautiful in design, colour and execution, Kim.