Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beijing adventures

Had a whirlwind week of fun, friends old and new, food and quilts in Beijing! Arriving at the hotel after midnight and an early start the next morning meant I ran on adrenaline for most of the week- also the sheer excitement of what was happening!
Catching up with friends from Taiwan 2012 was a thrill L-R Jin Yuanshan- China, Mary Pal- Canada, me and Lin Hsin-Chen-Taiwan.
Set up day with help from my lovely translator Jessica. She was a student and a great help throughout. Impossible to do these things without a translator.

The Chinese ladder, what an amazing feat to climb, straddle it and then walk it like stilts! Lighting set up in progress in my 3metre square booth.

Looking good now in the booth. Great to have the large sign above announcing Australia!
Mary was to the left of my booth.
Lots of photo opportunities for the international artists L-R Misik Kim- S. Korea, Desiree Vaughan- USA, Lin Hsin-Chen- Taiwan, pat Gould- USA, Mary Pal- Canada, Sue Dennis- Australia in Hsin-Chen's booth.



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