Saturday, October 31, 2015

Life in a Freezer- day 4

Knowing the temperatures will drop even lower next month, I went shopping for a new coat. A coat with down filling was recommended and luckily I had the expert advice of the lovely Ugtaa as I was hopeless at telling the difference, by feel, of either a down fill or polyester fill! We did look at many coats but came back to the first two to make a decision! Isn't that often the way?
No, that's not my coat but it is a fun but serious coat for -25 degrees C I think. The coats have a hood which is essential for the wind chill.
I am toasty warm in my knee length brown coat. For me the great thing is the inner zip closure down the front and then press stud closure after that with a bit of wiggle room! Plus a snug fitting hood. With the very dry conditions the static electricity made my hair stand on end and it was very funny to have a halo effect after taking the hood off!
Also had the valued assistance of our good humoured driver Samdaan  who willingly held bags and coats and carried out the new coat. He tells me shopping is one of his "hobbies", I think forced upon him by the number of times he has driven company members on shopping expeditions. That's good because warmer shoes may be next!


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