Friday, October 30, 2015

Life in a freezer- day 3 continued

My third day in UB was busy and after coffee I went to see my friend Selenge Tserendash who established the New Way Life Mongolian Quilts to empower disadvantaged women to earn a living. It had been 3 years since I was last at the shop/office and I noticed changes in what was being stitched. Mongolian motifs and cultural influences are now making their way into quilt designs and small sales items.
Here Selenge shows me a Hobby Horse made from offcuts from the Gobi cashmere factory- recycling at it's best and she is proud of their 70%  use of these otherwise waste products. The cashmere is so lovely and soft and baby blankets have also been made, as in the photo below.
Stitching is underway for the Christmas Fair in November with Advent hangings made with cute horses, gers and a camel or two.

I loved this Christmas tree with items velcroed to the tree.
 This tree was made of silk offcuts while the patched Bactrian camel uses cashmere offcuts. In the weeks ahead I will be spending more of my time with this group of industrious women.

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