Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fabric and other things

I was running out of fabric to print and was waiting to get to a patchwork shop, but just around the corner from Sei Stelle was this great shop which had just what I needed- in fact 3 white 100% cotone fabrics to choose from.
Many customers were in buying bits and pieces that afternoon. Unlike shops in Australia, the goods are generally behind the counters and you are assisted in finding what you need.
And touching the fruit and vegetables is a big 'no-no'! I did forget once!
And just across the street was a home wares fabric store with lovely wool blankets, tablecloths, linen etc plus these pieces of Gobelin style fabric table runners, which I was touching as many were being opened up for me to look at. Yes, one jumped into my suitcase!
We also experienced a large post office, having only been into small ones we didn't know what to do, but were helped to get the ticket for the waiting.


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