Thursday, May 15, 2014


The villages in the mountains are perched high above the valleys and cling to the mountainsides. Their stone buildings huddle together and create narrow alleyway/streets. Picturesque Scanno is set near Lake Scanno and is a lovely spot to wander about.
This place is for sale. Not sure if it is a renovators delight behind the impressive entry.

Scanno has a distinctive traditional costume and it was interesting to find a jeweller who had a display of the buttons worn on the woman's jacket. They are in silver and also gold for different occasions.
Sorry about the refection on the glass.
This is part of the old original workshop where gold and silver jewellery was made. Today the grandson carries on the traditions and Scanno is known for making the 'Presentosa' jewellery given by men to their girlfriends and wives.

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