Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally on the road, leaving Vegas

Kate, I've never seen those pumpkins in my supermarket- I must come & shop over your way for exotics! We loved seeing The Lion King, on our last night in Vegas, but the feeling of hitting the highway...yeah!
In case you are missing gambling already, last casino before the Arizona border.
The classic Airstream caravan.
Williams, a gem on Route 66, before the turn to the Grand Canyon National Park.


  1. I nearly feel like I'm there with you. thank you for letting us live vicariously.
    Ps Are you there yet?

  2. Vicariously? I'm there! Oh wow - Route 66 - or part thereof - a bucket list moment - if ever there was one - it's fantastic travelling with the Dennis's

  3. Coles and Woolies both have the pumpkins; we have bought one for our 5 year old who turn 6 on Halloween. This is the first year I have seen them here in stores.
    Enjoy your trip!