Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great Mall of the Bay Area

I have to explain that my laptop is set up to have the time & date of Aussie life, appear at the top & bottom of my posts, even though I'm schlepping it through the USA. No, I can't really be bothered changing it - I'll keep you all guessing as to the time over here!
Went shopping to the Great Mall of the Bay Area for new black dressy pants, as I'd left mine in Oz. First we needed petrol, easy- the petrol station was very close to the hotel, but do you think we could get that pump to work? Oh, pay first! another small cultural difference which keeps us on our toes.
This is price per gallon- $3.199 for regular.

The Great Mall was packed. It was a wet Sunday outside, but inside the crowds were buzzing. It is the first time here that I've heard lots of Spanish spoken. The Food Court was huge & Bob & I got a workout walking  the Mall circuit divided into 5 Zones. I did get my trousers, now to hem them up.

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  1. Re: the fuel ... it took me so long to work that out we went to a different place ... and remembering to push the red button to make it all flow. So where is the picture of the pants??? A food court in 5 zones ... now that got me thinking ... looking forward to the next instalment, as always.