Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mad Vegas #2

Vegas is so over the top- bling, flashy, kitsch, slot machines by the mile, shows & booze. The front of the Venetian is an amazing recreation, but it gets better inside.
And this is on the top floor! We were serenaded by singing gondoliers as we dining on a 3 course set menu [with choices in appetiser & entree] in the large Italian restaurant, Zeffirino's which seemed to stretch a mile along the balcony.

All this for for $19.95 + tax + tip. Walking out of the Venetian I had to snap some photos of the marble floors.


  1. I, too, love Vegas. It is so tacky, but has a certain sleezy charm. I call it "summer camp for adults"
    Don't forget to shop at the outlets - and just sit and people watch - I sw everything from Elvis (in every shape and size) to old ladies on scooters grinning from ear to ear as they soaked up the vibe.

  2. oh this very much brings back the memories. I too enjoyed Vegas and the people watching.

  3. The last time I was in Las Vegas was in 1963 on my last drive back home to Southern California after college graduation in St. Louis. At the time, it was a scrawny, dusty little cow-town, trying to act grown up with a couple of (then) splashy hotels. Now, when I watch CSI, or see pictures such as yours or those of friends, I simply can't believe it's the same place! Thanks for the fun peek at "reality"!

  4. Are you serious??? Gondaliers??? I can't believe it ... andmaybe you are all laughing but wow - is that what vegas is all about? A bit too much for even me ... wow