Thursday, October 28, 2010

The View Hotel, Monument Valley #2

Usually hotel bedspreads are fairly bland- not at The View. Each room of the 3 story hotel faces the Mittens & Merrick Butte & Bob was up early each morning photographing the sunrise.
This is my afternoon shot with the left & right Mittens. I'm drying my printing roller as I printed some Ponderosa pine needles from the Grand Canyon. I'm travelling with a small supply of my hand dyed fabric & the 3 paint colours I had for the PIQF Leaf it Alone class- scarlet, blue & gold.
Lamb chops & 'corn mush mixed with Juniper ash' giving a high calcium level, was my dinner. Once was enough! The 'mush' [quoting from the menu description] was fairly bland & the consistency of glue. The level of sweetness in the foods here has astonished us. The regular bread too has sugar added. Navajo staples are corn, squash & beans.

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  1. Love the bed quilt and sunrise photo but the 'mush' just looks awful! I guess your taste buds are getting a real workout.