Friday, November 5, 2010

Caught my Eye-International Quilt Fesival #2

Bob & I loved this quilt, in the Group category, 'Color Comes to Back of Beyond' by Pam Holland, Pauline McPhaulin & Jeanette Coombes. It came second. The figures walking into the scene are quilted but free from the quilt surface.
'Stone ll' by Jean Wells Keenan was second in Art-Abstract Small. Jan, there are special quilt displays that can't be photographed & these quilts come from the World of Beauty members exhibition. The workmanship here is outstanding. Have been shopping for some paints, dyes etc to colour my cloth while I'm here on the 3 week residency. Bob has been the CEO [Carry Everything Out]. We are having fun with Aussie expressions & American language. As 1 quilter said yesterday- we are separated by a common language!

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