Friday, November 12, 2010

So many good things at Festival

Diane, Festival was such a good time I just have to share a few more things, quilts which caught my eye, in no particular order. Above 'When Curlers are too Tight' by Betty E Ives, Canada in the Hands All Around 2010 International Quilts exhibit.
'Rare Catch' by Diane Stefen says the blue lobster is a genetic anomaly & a 1 in 5 million occurrence. This is for you Rita Rita, lobster eater.
'Graceful Dance' by Janneke DeVries-Bodzinga so fluid & powerful I can hear the African singing.
Mary Fisher had a very moving exhibition 'ART & Soul'. And finally some Houston views from our hotel room.

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  1. Your trip continues to be so amazing - wow squared - and the Festival would give me overload of the sensory kind. Go Bob too! I'm most taken with the sightline artists - such an incredible exhibition - congratulations. I'm not on holiday with you anymore - I'm now in awe - the artists, the festival - everything. Thanks, again, for sharing with us.