Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Road to Mesa Verde

It was a steep climb up a winding mesa road to Mesa Verde [Maysa Verdee] with recent snow & the danger of falling rocks.
But well worth it to see some of the cliff dwellings in this National Park. Spruce House is a self guided walk.

These ancient dwellings were built AD 550- AD1300 by the ancestors of the Puebloen people & it is hard to imagine how they built these homes & ceremonial pits named kivas.
This was discovered in the 1880's & there has been a lot of restoration done.


  1. The cliff dwellings look really interesting - lots of ideas for quilts there Sue. Love the photos of the food in the previous blogs - I can almost taste it.

  2. And THIS is one of my most favorite places in North America. Thank you for the virtual trip.

  3. Can't believe you actually saw Spruce House! I bought a lovely photo of it long ago at a benefit auction. It fascinated me with its lonely beauty and connection to a past I can only imagine. It hangs in my studio and inspires me every day!