Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Silverton is an old silver mining town, with dirt streets [only 1 is paved] & these days is a tourist town which shuts down for the Winter. At Silverton's altitude, we were breathing heavy & got puffed easily. Luckily we only had a short distance to lunch at the Grand Imperial Hotel & Grumpy's Saloon.
Inside it was warm & numerous animals blessed us with their presence, while we ate. It is hunting season for elk, so we have seen many orange vested hunters & their camps. The train drops them off at various prearranged locations. We have constantly been amazed by the gun shops & trophy heads, as it is not something we'd see in Australia. The antlers are called a 'rack'.
I had the Turkey Rueben, which is a sandwich on rye of meat, usually corned beef, sauerkraut & cheese. I had potato salad on the side. A piano player with ragtime tunes, accompaied lunch. Tipping is a way of life here, so waiters & entertainers are tipped.

We got to play in some snow! The train was used  in the 'Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
 movie as well as numerous others.

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