Monday, November 1, 2010

Ismay Trading Post Road

We found ourselves on an historic byway in Southern Utah, travelling toward Cortez, Colorado with our final destination for the night being Durango, CO. Nodding oil heads, rolling plains of rock & sparse grass, with some galloping horses greeted us as we travelled.
The GSP lady told us it was the Ismay Trading Post Road & sure enough, we did reach the trading post. We went inside to be greeted by a scene from 50 years or more ago- rolled, tanned animal hides, some Native American beading on a belt, a phone on the counter, dusty tins of spam & beans & a Timex display case, without watches. The trading post had been there since 1920 & the man behind the counter since 1960. I think he was overcome with us walking in & spoke just to answer our questions. And continued smoking while the young Native American man spoke to his girlfriend on the phone.

The snow covered hills of Colorado.

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