Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We got to Chimayo late in the afternoon & by a stroke of luck, were allowed inside the closed Santuario, along with 3 pilgrims from Pennsylvania. The Santuario was built between 1813 -1816 & is regarded as the Lourdes of America with an exposed 'posito' or holy dust pit near the altar.
This small chapel was close by.


  1. I have some of the sand from the Holy dust pit. It is a very spiritual place for me.

  2. Chimayo is such a wonderful, beautiful mission church.....a very moving, spiritual place, as Gerrie said. I've been numerous times but was amazed (and saddened) to see recently how the once humble chapel appeared to have become a busy tourist destination. I suspect an offshoot of the casinos arrivals. Still a lovely place among the cottonwoods along the river....M