Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beautiful silks

The Mongolian Quilt Centre is where I'm spending most of my time, playing with the beautiful silks that are being stitched into new designs. Many pieces are offcuts from deel [National dress] manufacture. New products with the Mongolian touch are being created for the upcoming Christmas Fairs in UB and I hope there are lots of happy customers.
Osko L and Soso R have finished these silk wall hangings beautifully. I can't decide which is my favourite colour combination out of the three selections.
Most of the patchwork you see in the photos is stitched on these Chinese Butterfly [ r Bird Fly here] hand wheel sewing machines. I haven't tried one but can't imagine I would be as accurate!
Doing my best to spread Down Under Quilts magazine around the world!
Ger is the Mongolian word for yurt, the round, felted transportable home used throughout the country.

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