Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Shopping in UB

The State Department Store on Peace Avenue is one of the best places to shop for every day personal and household goods. There is also a large supermarket on the ground floor stocked with many different brands and foods not available in Australia. Outside sits this ger.
I had not seen the Mongolian horse hair ceremonial standards before. The ger was closed.
We have been looking at boots and wondering if we will need to buy another pair for the freezing conditions expected. These are made in Mongolia and in the Mongolian style with a slightly curled toe.
And some in cow? hide. I have chosen to show you the more exotic boots. There are the regular styles also and many rated for -25 or -32 degrees C.
Not something I've seen in Australia- tea in jars ad looking like jelly.
Lots of sausage and salami available, plus very white eggs, wonder if they have been bleached?
I love the chandelier in the aisle, looking very special.
 And at the checkout the usual temptations. Prices are in the thousands of Tugreks, local currency and there are no coins just notes which range from 10 - 20,000. Perhaps there is a larger one than 20,000 but we haven't seen it.



  1. What fun you can have shopping. I guess you can take pot luck with some of the sausages & salami. I have been offered Jujube as a jam by a Korean lady who also makes it into a tea by adding hot water to the paste. Lots of interesting things to tempt the palate.

    1. The ginger & lemon tea is delicious. Had it in a restaurant .

  2. Grocery stores are on of my favorite things to visit when I travel. Always fascinating and informative!

    1. I agree Martha! I always try to head for a supermarket.