Thursday, November 12, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 16

 Ulaanbaatar has a wide range of cuisines available in varied eateries and restaurants around town and many interesting ingredients available in the supermarkets dotted around town. I have had fun sampling delicious local food and am going to share some dishes with you.
This is Buuz, Mongolian national dumplings, filled with meat, steamed and delicious. Rather a large serving here for lunch, which I couldn't eat my way through.
Another of my favourites is Khuushuur, deep fried flatter dumplings, also meat filled. This is a huge portion- good for sharing.
And in a small city café, for lunch you can have a menu set with khuushuur, borscht, coleslaw, potato salad and sliced fresh apple- yum.
And nothing can beat good home cooking- roast sheep, beetroot salad and carrot salad, both with lots of garlic! Extra baggage going on around the middle again!
Eggs Benedict is my favourite breakfast treat, so had to try it at Millie's, a local institution. English muffins are not available so a bread roll is used instead.
And a good cappuccino to follow!



  1. must be very civilised; eggs benny ;-)

    1. Yes, very civilised. Had great Indian curry lunch yesterday.